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Iron Condor Option Strategy

If you’re new to our site, make sure to watch our FREE TRADING OPTIONS FOR INCOME VIDEO by Clicking Here. Thanks for visiting! The iron condor option strategy is an option spread that allows the option trader placing the trade to realize a good return on investment in a relatively short amount of time by [...]

Iron Condors

Upon first learning about iron condors, many new option traders will just put them on without having a full plan in place for how to manage the trade if it goes against them – or how and when to close the trade once it is profitable – or if they will even close it at [...]

Iron Condor Spread

There are two faces to the iron condor spread. The first face is the one most new traders are introduced to. When the iron condor and the rookie option trader first meet – usually the picture that is painted of the iron condor is one of magnificence – grandeur – a wonderful, little known, very [...]

Iron Condor Credit Spread

The iron condor spread is actually constructed from other option trading spreads. For instance, the iron condor is built from two seperate credit spreads – both a bull put spread – which is a credit spread constructed from puts with the traders view that the stock or underlying is nuetral to bullish – either staying [...]

Option Spread Strategies

Of all the various option spread strategies, the iron condor strategy is one of the most popular, the most talked about, the most used – and possibly the most misunderstood. When many retail traders first start dabbling in options trading before long they come across the iron condor spread – either from an online ad, [...]

Option Spread

An option spread that has gained a lot of attention and popularity over the last couple of years is the iron condor spread. As option trading has become more and more accessible to the ‘retail trader’ so has the resources and education necessary to make what some might call more complex option spread strategies achievable. [...]

condor spread

The condor spread is one of the lesser known and/or used option spread strategies. While the name is similar to the more popular ‘iron condor’ strategy – the ‘condor spread’ is different – even while the risk graph of the trade looks the same. The difference between the condor and the iron condor is that [...]

Option Spread Trading

Several different option spread trading strategies which investors can use for creating monthly income include the iron condor, credit spread (or vertical spread) – the butterfly spread – and others. Option spread trading refers to the act of selling one option and buying one option. In the case of the iron condor strategy – these [...]

Vertical Spread

At the core of the iron condor strategy is the vertical spread. If we were to reverse engineer the iron condor strategy – take it apart – split it in half – and look at what the spread is actually constructed from – we would find that it is simply 2 credit spreads. A vertical [...]

Option Selling

Option selling has become more main stream recently as more and more retail traders learn about the various option spread trading strategies which can provide actually quite impressive returns over short periods of time. Option selling is the act of an investor ‘selling’ an option – either call or put – to bring a credit [...]