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Mixing It Up…

If you’re new to our site, make sure to watch our FREE TRADING OPTIONS FOR INCOME VIDEO by Clicking Here. Thanks for visiting! The Option Income ‘Cash Grab’ A great iron condor adjustment technique that works with good success is to ‘mix up’ weekly options with the standard monthly options when running our regular ‘bread [...]

Double Dipping From The Option Premium Pool

Double Dipping Option Spreads In this last months iron condor paper trading lab, we had the good fortune to take a nice big ‘double dip’ from the ‘option premium pool’ in a way that we’ve never been allow to before. Whenever we place these iron condor spread trades or credit spread trades, we immediately set up [...]

Squeezing Out The Risk In An Iron Condor Trade

Last month was a grueling one for a lot of iron condor traders. The market just continued going up and up and up. And when the market continues climbing upwards and upwards, and the volatility continues to leave the options – there is very little premium left in any of the options above the spread [...]

How To ‘Suffocate’ Trading Risk In A Credit Spread

While the stock market has continued to climb higher and higher over the last few weeks, in our most recent iron condor paper trading lab case study we’ve managed to stay ahead of it’s ascent through the use of our ‘constrictor’ adjustment… Sure, quick fast drops in the market can be scary – but on [...]

Iron Condor Adjustments – One Of My Favorites…

This last month in our Iron Condor paper trading lab we had the opportunity to use one of our favorite Iron Condor Adjustments. We don’t have a name for this one yet, but we’ve bribed our students to help us come up with one so stay tuned to see what we come up with. At [...]

Iron Condor – Bullet Proof Iron Condor? – Part 2

Iron Condor – Part 2 In this post we re-visit an iron condor trade / iron condor adjustment from one of our options trading lab paper trading case studies during one of the more difficult months for iron condor traders in 2011… August 8, 2011 The stock market continued it’s wild dive today in response to [...]


  As we all know the market has taken a major hit over the last 10 days. The RUT, one of our favorite trading vehicles, dropped a total of 136 points during that 10 day time period – or about -16.3%. On average, we iron condor traders know (and PLAN FOR) several of these problem [...]

Iron Condor – Options Trading Mistake #1

  Over the next several posts, we’ll be going over the top 10 Iron Condor / Option Trading mistakes we’ve made ourselves and we’ve seen our students and others make. Experiencing and then learning from these ourselves and/or watching other traders make these classic mistakes has helped us save thousands of dollars in losses and [...]

Iron Condor – New Video on the Basics

New video covers the pros and cons of the iron condor as it is becoming a popular option trading strategy. While this strategy can produce impressive, passive results, it’s important not to forget that along with this trade come some potential pitfalls that every trader should get to know and understand. Even though the iron [...]

Iron Condor Killers

  While looking to create the ‘perfect’ iron condor, we want to search for a ‘boring’ stock, index, or underlying to trade. This is a trading strategy that thrives in calm, range bound markets. We want an underlying that is sleepy, barely moving around, caught in a range. Some things that can throw a wrench [...]