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If you’re new to our site, make sure to watch our FREE TRADING OPTIONS FOR INCOME VIDEO by Clicking Here. Thanks for visiting!   As we all know the market has taken a major hit over the last 10 days. The RUT, one of our favorite trading vehicles, dropped a total of 136 points during [...]

Iron Condor – Options Trading Mistake #1

  Over the next several posts, we’ll be going over the top 10 Iron Condor / Option Trading mistakes we’ve made ourselves and we’ve seen our students and others make. Experiencing and then learning from these ourselves and/or watching other traders make these classic mistakes has helped us save thousands of dollars in losses and [...]

Iron Condor – New Video on the Basics

New video covers the pros and cons of the iron condor as it is becoming a popular option trading strategy. While this strategy can produce impressive, passive results, it’s important not to forget that along with this trade come some potential pitfalls that every trader should get to know and understand. Even though the iron [...]

Iron Condor Killers

  While looking to create the ‘perfect’ iron condor, we want to search for a ‘boring’ stock, index, or underlying to trade. This is a trading strategy that thrives in calm, range bound markets. We want an underlying that is sleepy, barely moving around, caught in a range. Some things that can throw a wrench [...]

Iron Condor – Gaining Edge Through Vega

The iron condor trade can be an extremely basic and simple trade to put on. In fact, it is possible to profitably play this trade just by following a super easy ‘stupid simple’ set of rules month after month after month. However, for those of you who might grow bored of such a super simple [...]

My Favorite Trade for Volatile Markets

About six months ago we were working on a new trade in our iron condor butterfly spread trading lab that was meant to try and take advantage of the big volatility. Right around that time we read an email (I think it was an email – it might have been an iron condor article) that [...]

Iron Condor and Credit Spread Adjustments

While one can find some good info on how to go about adjusting the iron condor strategy – there is very little – if ANY info – on how to properly adjust plain credit spreads. Adjustments are an important and vital part of successfully trading iron condor, the butterfly spread, diagonals, credit spreads – or [...]

Iron Condor – I Want My Life Back

  My plan for trading the iron condor when I first got started trading this strategy was to put them and keep them on all the way until expiration. Then I would just let them expire worthless and have that premium remain in my account. Back then I believed this was the best way to [...]

July ’10 Iron Condor Open

July RUT Iron CondorĀ  With ‘Whipsaw Curbs’ We launched our July trade this last week and so far so good. We’ve put some curbs in place for any big moves that might occur short term and even though we’ve flattened this trade out considerably our theta is still really rich and expect to hit our [...]

IRON CONDOR – Magic Put Adjustment Strikes Again

In our previous post (May 18) we showed a risk graph of our flattened out iron condor / butterfly position right after we ‘tied it off’ with several adjustments including one of our ‘magic puts’ – in an effort to maintain some control while the markets swing around here wildly. Today on the 20th – [...]